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Some recent research published in Nature, Nature Geosciences, and Geology the Web of Science's #1 geology journal.

Nature 2014

This article, which made the front
page of Nature, proposes a new mechanism for the origin of
plate tectonics.

Nature Geoscience 2010

This article, which made the front
page of Nature Geosciences,
explains how New Zealand rifted away from Australia

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Cool stuff and pat on the back from my peers ...
nb: The Geological Society of America Fellowship is “ ... an honor bestowed on the best of our profession ... by existing GSA Fellows in recognition of their distinguished contributions to the geosciences.”

Australia's National Gemstone
no longer a mystery

Most downloaded paper from the Australian Journal of Earth Sciences >>

AESC13 Medal Medal Fellowship


Recent comments from ARC's assessors ...

"CI Rey is an outstanding geoscientist whose proven (published) expertise is wide-ranging: frontline modelling, geochemistry and some papers on such disparate topics as opal formation and occurrence, to challenging dynamic modelling. He is an internationally respected geoscientist and has an excellent record of high-level publications and citations. Ideas and concepts published by Rey are always worth reading as they commonly change preconceived ideas. Rey has also been very active in imaginative and effective outreach (films, videos, news articles)."

"CI Rey is highly regarded by his peers. Most of his papers are published in high profile journals such as Geology, Earth and Planetary Sciences Letters, Tectonophysics, Nature and Nature Geoscience. His work on flow in the lower crust is of the highest quality and is the definitive study on this subject."

"CI Rey is an excellent structural geologist as well as a modeller. He does not publish extensively, but always high-quality work, as illustrated by a recent Nature paper. CI Rey is an excellent science communicator who has a track record of promoting new science outcomes to the broader community."

"His papers are often thought provoking and interesting to read."

"His work on plate tectonics in particular is outstanding."

"Rey has a long track record of producing high quality publications. Rey has attracted significant media interest to his publications demonstrating the wider impact of his work."

"Rey's publication record is of high international standard. His seminal contribution to the field of tectonics is objectively impressive."

"Rey has developed quite a unique research profile in the combination of numerical modelling with field-based structural and metamorphic geology."


Some former Ph.D students ...

2002-06: Dr Nicolas Thebaud
USyd - IPGP PhD cotutelle

Research Associate Professor at UWA
Structural Geologist, Mercator Gold Australia

2004-07: Dr Guillaume Duclaux
USyd - Univ St Etienne PhD cotutelle

Maitre de Conference, Univ. de Nice
Post-doc fellow at Univ. of Bergen
Senior Researcher at CSIRO

2006-09: Dr Nicolas Flament
USyd - ENS Lyon PhD cotutelle

Senior Lecturer, Univ. of Wollongong
DECRA Fellow, Univ. of Sydney
Research Fellow, Univ. of Sydney


Recent Ph.D. graduates (supervisor): Dr Xuesong Ding, Dr Megan Korchinski, Dr Luke Mondy, Dr Amy I'Anson, Dr Omer Bodur
Present Ph.D. students: Rhiannon Garrett, Joe Ibrahim


Current research funding and other support ...

Basin Genesis Hub
ARC - Industrial Transformation Research Hub
$5.4 million, ARC - Statoil - Chevron - Oil Search
CIs: Mueller, Rey, Salles, Moresi, Gallagher, Elders, Gurnis


2015-16: 8 million CPU hours
2016-17: 2 million CPU hours
2017-18: 3 million CPU hours
2018-19: 5 million CPU hours



Research performance benchmarked against 2016 and 2017 cohorts of Science promotees to Professor level (data from Scival)

Benchmark 1: average citation per article, proportion of article published in top 5% journals, h-index


Benchmark 2: : average citation per article, proportion of article published in top 5% journals, citation impact



Research performance benchmarked against 2018 and 2019 cohorts of Science promotees to Professor level (data from Scival)

Benchmark 1: average citation per article, proportion of article published in top 5% journals, h-index


Benchmark 2: : average citation per article, proportion of article published in top 5% journals, citation impact




A free interactive iBooks for undergrad students


Intro to structural geology has clocked 27,985 downloads on Research Gate (25,008), Academia (1,657) and iTunes store (1320) since 18-Feb-2016

Excellent! ***** by hola9510 - Mar 27, 2017 :
Thank you so much for sharing this with the comunity, but also for free! I study Geology at Mexico, this Ibook helped me so much to understand some concepts I had trouble with.

Collection of interactive 3D SketchUp models for geology

3-D Sketchup

4254 downloads on 3D Warehouse since 19-Feb-2014



Treasures of the Earth, 2016. This NOVA’s three-part series is produced by Pioneer Film, Television Productions Ltd and PAAN Media Holding Co Ltd. It is to be aired on Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) in the United States and in more than 100 other countries. In this documentary, I joined the production team in Lightning Ridge to explain the formation of precious opal.


The Rise of Continents, 2013. In 2012, I joined a BBC crew in Coobber Pedy to contribute to the episode on Australia in a four-part series BBC’s documentary presented by Iain Stewart. My contribution was to explain the formation of precious opal, and its relationship with the flooding of central Australia 110 million years ago.


Voyage of the Continents, 2012. A documentary series in 5x52 mn, directed by Yanick Rose and Chris Hooke, a French-Canadian co-production ARTE, Ideacom International and La Compagnie des Taxi-Brousse. I contributed to the episode on Oceania, and explain the future of the Australian continent.


On the origin of precious opal is central Australia:

David Wilson, 2013. Man of Mars and Opals. The Sydney Morning Herald, Nov. 16-17 2013. Antonia Jimenez, 2013. Patrice Rey fait parler les pierres australiennes. Midi Libre, Jul. 17th 2013.
... and many others.

On the origin of plate tectonics: