My focus is to help students to become independent learners and to get ready for future challenges. This means that beyond the disciplines I teach, I help students to develop the generic skills essential to life-long learners.

From our science graduates, we expect generic skills such as:

Solid numeracy skills
High problem-solving ability
Confidence to deal with large datasets and complex information
Excellent computer skills
Excellent written and oral communication skills
Capacity to work as a member of a culturally diverse team

I teach my classes in a way to enhance these skills.

Program: Year 2019
Course Evaluation

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Year 2019



2nd year



GEOS 21(9)14: Volcanoes, Hot Rocks & Minerals

GEOS 21(9)24: Fossils & Tectonics

3rd year


GEOS 31(8)01: The Earth Structure & Evolution

LECT & PRACT: Tectonophysics

GEOS 31(9)04: Geophysical Methods

WORKSHOP: Computational Tectonics

4th year

Honours, Master

Short Course: Computational Tectonics

Short Course: Open Source Multi-platform GIS

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