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Stages of Collision Between Africa and Eurasia

Fig.6.5. The development of the Alps

Below is a brief description of the above diagrams

a) This diagram illustrates the onset of subduction approximately 65 million years ago at the end of the Mesozoic

b) By the late Eocene, subduction of the Brianconnais domain is complete, the southern tip of Europe is abot to commence subduction.

c) The southern tip of Europe is being subducted, resulting in

d) The formation of Pennic nappes. These nappes were then thrust onto the foreland. Subduction processes continued until the accretion of upper crust led to too much crustal thickening and the clogging of the subduction zone. This meant that only the lower crust could continue to subduct.

e) Part of the lower European slab breaks off. This caused the melting of upper lithospheric mantle and the emplacement of intrusions into the crust.

f) The onset of thrusting in the Molasse Basin occurs.

g) The Aar massif thrust develops. This marks the boundary between European upper and lower crust.

(Giovanni, 2003)

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