Field Exercises

The University of Sydney - GEOS 3008 -

Macquarie University - GEOS 307

Joint Field Course

This field course introduces students to basic methods and techniques in field geology and field geophysics applied to multi-deformed metamorphic terranes.

At completion participants will be able to map tectono-lithostratigraphic units, to perform basic structural and kinematic analyses at the outcrop scale, to idenfy metamorphic facies based on visual recognition of metamorphic minerals, and to use imagery from geophysical survey involving potential methods.

In addition to new geological and geophysical expertise learning outcomes will include improved team work skills, leadership skills, working under tight deadline constraints, and performing in a remote location outside familliar working environment.

Basic knowlege in geology at second year level is assumed.

P.Rey - N. Daczko - D. Mitchell

The 2004 Illustrated Report:

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