Structural Geology of Convergent Plate Boundaries

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Model of Shortening: The role of thrust faults.

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Collisional Mountain Belt

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Example of Collisional Mountain Belts

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Mountain Belt on Transform Faults

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Subduction Related Mountain Belts

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Making and Understanding Mountain with a Computer

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Making and Understanding Mountain with a Fish Tank

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A Brief Summary

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Quiz and Answers

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Author: Patrice F. Rey 


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Earth's Dynamic Systems, 6th edition, W.K. Hamblin, Maxwell Macmillan 
and  in Geology: An Introduction to Physicsal Geology, S. Chernicoff and R. Venkatakrishnan, Worth Publishers.

Many block diagrams presented in this course are colored version of copyrighted figures extracted from the beautifuly illustrated:
Monts et Merveilles, M. Mattauer, Hermann, worth reading (... in French).