Joints, Fractures and Faults:

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Attitude of Planes and Lines in Space.

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Joints and Fractures

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Faults Related Microstructures

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Faults From Space

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Quiz and Answers

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Author: Patrice F. Rey 


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From: Earth's Dynamic Systems, 6th edition, W.K. Hamblin, Maxwell Macmillan Ch.1-Planet Earth:  The major structural units of earth 
Ch.8-Structure of Rock Bodies 
Ch.18-Plate Tectonics 
Ch.19-Earths seismicity: 
Earthquakes and Plate Tectonics 

From: Geology: An Introduction to Physicsal Geology, S. Chernicoff and
R. Venkatakrishnan, Worth Publishers 
Ch.9- Fold, Faults and Mountains 

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