Structural Geology of Sedimentary Basins:

Sedimentary basins in extension zones

By Philip Hutson, James Middleton, Daniel Miller & Adam Wallenstein


1. Introduction

2. The initiation of Sedimentary Basins and Tectonic subsidence

3. Thermal Subsidence

4. Structures of Sedimentary basins

    4.1 Basic Structures I - Planar Faults
    4.2 Basic Structures II - Listric Faults
    4.3 Complex Structures
    4.4 Hydrocarbon Deposits

5. Examples of Sedimentary Basins

    5.1 The Turpan Basin
    5.2 The North Sea  Basin

6. Questions

7. Glossary

8. References

Fig.0.1 A normal fault; one of  the dominant structures of sedimentray basins

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