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The University of the Sea – Université de la Mer is a partnership between the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO, the University of Sydney, the Australian National University, the University of New South Wales, the University of Technology Sydney, the University of Tokyo, the Korean Ocean Research and Development Institute, Tongji University China, the Partnership for Observation of the Global Oceans Canada, the National Institute of Oceanography Goa and the Indonesian Research Centre for Marine Technology.

Together these institutions make up the Asian Pacific Neighbours Consortium, whose secretariat is located at the University of Sydney.

The University of the Sea programme is funded by grants from the Toyota Foundation in Japan, the Australian Earth Systems Science Network (through the ARC), and the Asia Pacific Network for Global Change Research. The programme is made possible by the support of the French Polar Institute (IPEV) who host the University of the Sea onboard their research vessel the Marion Dufresne.

The University of the Sea is dedicated to building marine science capacity in the Asia Pacific region. It aims to bring together senior researchers and young local scholars to address marine science issues of direct interest to te region. The programme endeavours to give these students the opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge required for participation inthe global debate on the use of the ocean.

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