Senior Units of Study

The School of Geosciences' Senior units of study are designed to provide students opportunities to specialise in different areas according to interest and need. All Senior Units are worth six Credit Points and can be undertaken at a standard or advanced level.

Students intending to major in either Geography or Geology & Geophysics must enrol in a minimum of 24 Senior Credit Points. Additionally, they must meet the requirements particular to each discipline.

Geography Major

Students interested in majoring in Geography must include GEOS3333/3933 Geographical Concepts, Skills & Methods AND/OR GEOS3053/3953 Southeast Asian Field School, plus any of the following Units: GEOS 3520/3920 - Urban Citizenship & Sustainability; GEOS 3524/3924 - Global Development and Livelihoods; GEOS 3009/3909 - Coastal Environments and Processes; GEOS 3014/3914 - GIS in Coastal Management; GEOS 3103/3903 - Environmental & Sedimentary Geology; ENVI 3111/3911 - Environmental Law and Ethics; ENVI 3112/3912 - Environmental Assessment.

Geology & Geophysics Major

Students interested in a Geology & Geophysics major are required to take two compulsory units (GEOS3101/3801 and the field studies unit GEOS3008/3908, as well as two of GEOS3102, GEOS3103, GEOS3104). These units provide students with a foundation training that prepares them for further study in an Honours or postgraduate coursework program as well as enabling them to enter the main professional fields of the discipline, eg. resource and energy exploration, engineering geology, and environmental geology.

Advanced Units of Study

You must complete a 'Special Permission' application online to request entry to advanced units. You can apply online for Special Permission by accessing Sydney Student via your MyUni page, using your UniKey and password.


Semester 1 Units Semester 2 Units
GEOS3101/3801 Earth's Structure and Evolution GEOS3103/3803 Environmental and Sedimentary Geology
GEOS3102/3802 Global Energy and Resources GEOS3104/3804 Geophysical Methods
GEOS3009/3909 Coastal Environments and Processes GEOS3008/3908 Field Geology and Geophysics
GEOS3053/3953 Southeast Asia Field School GEOS3014/3914 GIS in Coastal Management
ENVI3111/3911 Environmental Law and Ethics ENVI3112/ENVI3912 Environmental Assessment
GEOS3520/3920 Urban Citizenship and Sustainability GEOS3333/3933 Geographical Concepts, Skills & Methods
GEOS3524/3924 Global Development and Livelihoods