RESP5001: Integrated Environmental Practice

Credit points: 6
Teacher/Coordinator: A/Prof Deirdre Dragovich
Session: Semester 1a
Assessment: One research proposal (20%), one oral presentation (20%), and one literature review (60%) Total: 100%

This ‘capstone’ unit is taken by students following the coursework pathway in the degrees of Master of Science in Environmental Science and Master of Environmental Science & Law. The unit focuses on developing students’ abilities to devise and apply suitable scientific approaches to environmental issues which involve both biophysical and human/social components.

RESP5001 will provide research training for students to synthesize and draw conclusions from their coursework experience and learning, and to enable them to revise and/or develop the necessary skills for engaging with environmental research as part of their intellectual and/or professional growth. The unit focuses on skills in cross-disciplinary problem identification and the use of integrated methodologies and analysis to address current environmental challenges. Additional skills include critical reading and critical writing, library search techniques, devising a project question, undertaking a literature review on this question, understanding how research is conducted and published, and matters relating to intellectual property and authorship.