ENVI5801: Social Science of the Environment

Credit points: 6
Coordinator: Dr Robert Fisher
Teachers: Dr Robert Fisher and Dr Yayoi Lagerqvist
Session: Semester 1a
Classes: One 2 hour lecture and One 1 hour lecture per week plus on 1 hour seminar per week. The unit runs from weeks 1 – 7.
Assessment: Seminar presentation and research project (100%)
Campus: Camperdown/Darlington
Delivery Mode: Normal (lecture/lab/tutorial) Day

This unit provides both a conceptual and an empirical foundation for the analysis of relationships between society and the environment. In our recent past, the rapid rate of global environmental change has necessitated a breakdown of traditional disciplinary boundaries in policy and research. To this end, social scientists are increasingly called upon to work alongside natural scientists in unravelling the complexities of the human-environmental nexus. Students will explore the role of, and value in, social science perspectives for enhanced environmental management. Students will be exposed to the principles, theories, methods and practices of social scientists in a range of environmental contexts.

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