Honours in Geosciences

The School of Geosciences offers Honours in Geography, Geophysics, and Geology. Honours in these disciplines involves coursework and requires an original research project to be undertaken under the guidance of a supervisor (and sometimes a co-supervisor). The presentation of this in the form of a thesis with a maximum of 20,000 words. There is also a final presentation of the research. Coursework requirements vary between disciplines.

Applying for Honours

Entry into the Honours program generally requires completion of a Credit average in Senior Units of Study in either the Geography or Geology & Geophysics majors, and a Weighted Average Mark (WAM) of at least 65. In some years when the number of applicants exceeds resources (availability of supervisors, laboratory space, etc.) offers will be made according to academic merit.

The general process for enrolling in Honours is as follows:

  1. Each September, the University holds an Honours Information Week. During this week, the School of Geosciences holds an Honours Information Session. Intending Honours students should seek to attend this session.
  2. During the final semester of undergraduate studies, intending Honours students should informally discuss their potential candidature with academics who may feasibly act as their supervisor.
  3. Before the University deadline (30 November 2017), you must apply online for admission to Honours at the University of Sydney through Sydney Student.
  4. You must also complete an Honours form to be returned to the Geosciences office for administration purposes.
  5. Students are officially notified in January of their formal acceptance into the Honours program.

For more information regarding Honours and to apply, please see here.

Current Honours Projects

Supervisor: Professor Phil McManus
Topics: Sustainable cities, human-animal relations, environmental management, urban forestry/greening, impact assessment, and similar topics.

Supervisor: Dr Sophie Webber
Topics: Sophie’s research interests include the politics and economies of climate change and development in South East Asia and the Pacific, particularly concerning circulations of knowledge and finance. Potential Honours research topics might fall under the following themes:
* Climate change adaptation and resilience
* The politics of climate science and climate finance
* Market-based environmental governance and policy
* International development, including evidence based policy in international development

Supervisor: Earthbyte Group (various)
Topics: Earthbyte Group Projects


The Honours Coordinator for Geography, Geology and Geophysics is:

Associate Professor Dale Dominey-Howes (until 30 June 2017)
Professor Phil McManus (1 July 2017 to 1 February 2018)