Majoring in Geology & Geophysics

The basic requirement for majoring in Geology & Geophysics is that students complete 24 credit points of Senior Geology & Geophysics Units of Study. This is achieved by enrolling in two Senior Geology & Geophysics Units per semester.

Students must enrol in GEOS 3008/3908 and GEOS 3101/3801 and must then choose at least two of GEOS 3102/3802, GEOS 3103/3803, GEOS 3104/3804 and GEOS 3054.

Any students who are uncertain as to what combination of Units will best serve their interests should contact their year coordinator:

First Year:
Second Year:
Third Year:

Marine Science:
Postgraduate (Environmental Science):
Postgraduate (other streams):


Example pathway for the Geology and Geophysics major

Please note that units marked with * are compulsory.
Year/Level Semester Recommended Units
Junior Units February GEOS 1001
July GEOS 1003*
Intermediate Units February GEOS 2111/2911 GEOS 2114/2914* GEOS 2115/2915
July GEOS 2124/2924*
Senior Units February GEOS 3101/3801* GEOS 3102/3802
July GEOS 3008/3908* and at least one of GEOS 3103/3803 or GEOS 3104/3804