GeoGender Group

The geosciences have traditionally been a male-dominated arena. While our student base is currently predominantly female, the School sees a need to be proactive in this area to make sure that all members of the School, both female and male, feel comfortable and supported in their learning and working environment.

To this end, the School has formed a ‘GeoGender group’ to identify and address gender issues in the School. This is a group whose members have volunteered in an attempt to identify and address the issues that affect both women and men in the school.

The GeoGender group is currently working through the following stages:
- Identification
- Assessment
- Tackling

Identification is the first stage of our work. We need to identify gender-related problems or practices that may be of concern to students and staff. This may include issues that arise in the field (e.g. non-consideration of female's need in the field), communication issues (e.g. a lack of people you feel comfortable raising gender-related issues with in the School), gender awareness issues (e.g. a lack of female representation in displays and publications) and/or the general experience of either gender in the school.

We would like you to think about any issues you or your fellow students and colleagues might have encountered, or things that you think can be done to improve the experience of all students and staff within the school. Please feel free to with your feedback, thoughts, questions or to arrange a confidential meeting.