Academic Honesty and Plagiarism

The role of the University of Sydney is to create, preserve, transmit and apply knowledge through teaching, research, creative works and other forms of scholarship. A commitment to academic excellence and high standards of ethical behaviour is essential in this undertaking. As such, the University requires all students to act honestly, ethically and with integrity in their dealings with the University, its employees, members of the public and other students.

In February 2005, a new policy covering the issue of student plagiarism in coursework Units of Study offered by the University was introduced. The policy requires all students to sign and submit plagiarism compliance statements to each School or Department of which they are a student member.

The School of Geosciences requires a signed compliance statement for each Unit of Study offered by the School in which students are enrolled. Details on how to submit this form will be provided by each Unit of Study coordinator or lecturer.

Forms and Cover Sheets

Students should download, print and complete the following forms as required:

  • Unit of Study Plagiarism Compliance Statement (Word, PDF)
  • Cover Sheet for Individual Assignments (Word, PDF)
  • Cover Sheet for Group Assignments (Word, PDF)

Any Questions?

If you have any questions regarding the policy and its implementation, please speak to your Unit of Study Coordinator or Lecturer.