Postgraduate Units of Study are delivered by the School as part of various postgraduate coursework programs. The School coordinates postgraduate courses in Marine Science and Management, Environmental Science, and Environmental Science and Law, and contributes to the Human Rights, Sustainability and Development Studies programs.

Many of the postgraduate Units of Study offered by the School can be undertaken in any of these four coursework programs. The following tables list all postgraduate Units offered by the School sorted by the programs under which they can be taken. A full list of all Units of Study offered in these coursework programs can be found in the Faculty of Science handbook. Further information on the Human Rights program can be found in the Faculty of Arts handbook.

Information about every Unit, including course outline and prerequisite knowledge can be found here;

Postgraduate Units of Study

Scholarship on offer

March 1 2018

There is a PhD Scholarship on offer in underwater acoustics in the School of Geosciences

The project is on the sounds of the ocean and how they go together to provide the background or ambient noise that limits sonar and the soundscapes that provide the acoustic environment for marine animals. It would be mainly experimental work with some modelling: measurements, analysis and interpretation, testing models against measurements etc with opportunities for some work at sea. It would suit a student with a background in physics and mathematics.

The scholarship is funded by the Defence Science and Technology Group (DST) and is for 3 ½ years. The candidate must be an Australian citizen.

There are more details at: Research Supervisor Connect and Research Scholarships

The closing date is 8 April 2018 11:59PM.