Exploring public perceptions of the risk of antibiotic resistance in Sydney

Project Team

Name Position
Annie Zhuo Honours student
Assoc. Prof. Dale Dominey-Howes Primary supervisor
Dr. Maurizio Labbate Co-Supervisor, The University of Technology, Sydney

Project Details

Antibiotics have been a principal tool used for managing the risk associated with bacterial infections generally, and epidemics and pandemics specifically. Due to the rise of antibiotic resistance, we are now approaching a ‘post antibiotic era’ and our capacity to manage the risk associated with infections is declining fast.

Stakeholders (including the general public) play a major role in enabling or ameliorating the risk. That said, very little is known about how the general public perceives the risk associated with antibiotic resistance and what socio-cultural barriers stand in the way of making appropriate behavioural adjustments. This project examines these issues.

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