Living with risk in a changing climate: communities, coastal management, risks and decision-making

Funding Agency

Australian Research Council Discovery Project Grant DP130100877 and The School of Geosciences

Project Team

Name Position
Tom Fitzgerald PhD Candidate
Assoc. Prof. Dale Dominey-Howes Primary PhD supervisor
Prof. Bruce Thom Co-supervisor

Project Details

Coastal communities are at the leading edge of climate change impacts. Extreme events, such as storm surge and coastal flooding, can pose significant environmental, economic, legal and social risks to coastal populations. Governments at all levels are under increasing pressure to make decisions about how to deal with coastal hazards.

This study aims to explore how those decisions come about. In doing so, it will promote interaction between the community, scientists and decision-makers in communicating, understanding, framing and making decisions about risk. It will illuminate how decision-makers and communities come to decide on what are “acceptable”, “tolerable” or “unacceptable” risks and inform management and planning through better risk governance.