Integrating policy and practice to deliver enhanced adaptation to climate change in the South Pacific Island tourism sector

Funding Agency

AusAID Competitive Research Grants Program

Project Team

Name Position
Assoc. Prof. Dale Dominey-Howes Chief Investigator
Professor Terry DeLacy, Victoria University Lead Chief Investigator

Project Details

Tourism is the major foreign exchange earner, employer, and development opportunity for Pacific Island countries. The South Pacific Tourism industry is particularly vulnerable to climate change impacts for a range of reasons including the sensitivity of the natural environmental assets upon which the industry is based and its reliance on a long haul travel market threatened by global climate change policy and changing consumer demands. To continue to grow, the tourism industry must adapt to climate change. At present the sector is limited in its capacity to adapt to the challenge of climate change because of the absence of appropriate frameworks for assessing vulnerability, resilience and adaptive capacity. This project sought to develop such frameworks, for inclusion into tourism policies and broader climate change strategies in Pacific Island Economies. Specifically its aims were:

  1. to characterize the tourism system in Pacific economies
  2. to assess the range of likely impacts of climate change on the tourism sector
  3. to develop an appropriate framework for assessing vulnerability, resilience and adaptive capacity of tourism to climate change
  4. to make recommendations for tourism policy development to enable it to effectively adapt

The project trained a number of Post Doctoral Research Fellows, PhD and Honours research students.

Key publications arising from this project included:

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