The Australian Emergency Manager: an analysis of qualifications, training, knowledge, experience and competence

Funding Agency

Australian Research Council Discovery Project Grant DP130100877 and The School of Geosciences

Project Team

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Matthew Ellis PhD Candidate
Assoc. Prof. Dale Dominey-Howes Primary PhD Supervisor

Project Details

Emergency management has evolved from a civil defence function of the military to an emergency services focused system and is currently progressing towards recognition as a unique profession. Emergency management is the designated managerial function of reducing community vulnerability to hazards and disasters through the allocation of resources. Due to complexities of the position, the role as an emergency manager remains largely undefined even within the emergency management industry.
Despite various studies conducted over the past 15 years into emergency management, there has been little work examining the skills and experience of existing emergency management practitioners. It is hoped that through a comprehensive analysis of these personnel we will have a better understanding of their background and knowledge and will be able to identify any gaps or weaknesses within the position.