Disability and Disasters: Empowering people and building resilience

Funding Agency

The Global Resilience Partnership

Project Team

Name Position
Dr Emma Calgaro Team Lead, USYD, Australia
Leilani Craig Alternate Lead, Craigs Consultants International, Australia
Assoc. Prof. Dale Dominey-Howes USYD, Australia
Karlee Johnson Stockholm Environment Institute-Asia, Thailand
Dr Parichatt Krongkant KPC Consultant Co. Ltd, Thailand
Nick Craig Craigs Consultants International, Australia
John Paul Ecarma Maunes Philippine Accessible Deaf Services, Philippines
Jerome Zayas Inclusive Development and Empowerment Agenda, Philippines
Dr Alexandra Gartrell Monash University, Australia
Ngin Saroath Cambodian Disabled People’s Organization, Cambodia

Project Details

The aim of our project is to: (1) examine the challenges that people with disabilities face in responding to disasters and risk in Thailand, the Philippines and Cambodia, and (2) identify solutions to mainstream disability-inclusive disaster risk reduction (DiDRR) planning and action. We will also explore the role that contextual and cultural factors play in (i) reinforcing institutional, structural and social barriers to resilience and (ii) develop platforms for empowerment, inclusion and positive transformation.

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