Why do Australians continue to die in natural disasters?

Funding Agency

Australian Research Council Discovery Project Grant DP130100877

Project Team

Assoc. Prof. Dale Dominey-Howes, Sole Chief Investigator

Project Details

The aim of this research is to assess the perceptions Australians have of natural disasters that threaten them and what factors are influencing these perceptions. Significantly, the research will generate an Australian specific model of risk perception and will have profound implications for Australian disaster management policy and practice. Using socially-oriented, mixed survey methods, the research will identify factors that influence disaster risk perception and identify approaches for enhancing community resilience. Outcomes will include and Australian-specific risk perception model; enhanced community resilience, and reduced socio-economic loss associated with future Australian disasters.

This project has generated a number of spin-off projects led by research students in the Natural Hazards and Disaster Risk Research group. These projects are:

  • Risk perception and natural hazards
  • Living with risk in a changing climate: communities, coastal management, risks and decision-making
  • The Australian Emergency Manager: an analysis of qualifications, training, knowledge, experience and competence
  • Exploring public perceptions of the risk of antibiotic resistance in Sydney
  • Spatial and temporal analysis of natural disasters in New South Wales, Australia