Edwina Tanner

Phd Candidate

Room 308
Madsen Building (F09)
School of Geosciences
The University of Sydney
Phone:+61 2 9036 9245

Assoc Prof. Tom Hubble, School of Geosciences

Prof. Elaine Baker, School of Geosciences
Phil Mulhearn, School of Geosciences
Bradley Eyre, Centre for Coastal Biogeochemistry Research

Academic Staff Profile


Carbon budget for a large drowned river valley estuary adjacent to an emerging megacity (Sydney Harbour)

Edwina is a researcher and coordinator of the Marine Studies Institute at the University of Sydney. Her research focus is on the cycling of carbon and oxygen in estuaries. The methods of individual estuaries in processing terrestrial carbon before it enters the marine environment is still largely unknown. My study of the Sydney Harbour Estuary has illuminated how carbon is processed in this large temperate drowned river valley system under various environmental scenarios. I am passionate about this study because of the changes you see as you go down the river starting with a high carbon dioxide low oxygen environment at the fresh water source decreasing as you head downstream where the ocean water interacts, the phytoplankton do their bit and the fish come and feed. This interplay of ocean and river hydrodynamics and of the tiny creatures and the chemistry balance in the estuary all contribute to the much bigger story of climate change.

Edwina Tanner has been appointed the project leader of the World Harbour Project Initiated by the Sydney Institute of Marine Science (SIMS), the goal of the World Harbour Project (WHP) is to develop resilient urban ports and harbours through a global network of collaborating scientists. The Project brings together international research institutions and agencies concerned with the health of these heavily urbanised waterways and the increasing challenges they face.