Current Postgraduate Candidates

Name                                                         Research Topic
Maelis Rose-Marie Arnould PhD: Reconstruction of lateral and vertical motions of continents during the last 200 million years
Ruken Alac Barut PhD: Modelling Cretaceous-Cenozoic sedimentary basin evolution in eastern Australia
Carmen Braz PhD: Tectonic, geodynamic and surface process evolution of New Guinea since the Jurassic
Iris Bergmann PhD: The Future for Horses in Thoroughbred Racing and the Sustainability of Welfare Concepts
Joshua Bray PhD: Evaluating the impact of coffee certification on smallholder livelihoods and sustainability in southern Sumatra, Indonesia.
Ömer Faruk Bodur PhD: Ömer Faruk Bodur investigates the interaction between lithosphere and mantle flow in passive margins.
Emilie Chevalier PhD: South Pacific Islands Mobilities in the XXIst century : toward a climate change-induced migrations paradigm? A comparative study of migration dynamics, interpretative frameworks and representations in Vanuatu and French Polynesia
Wenchao Cao PhD: The post-Carboniferous advance and retreat of continental shallow seas in a tectonic and geodynamic context
Elyssa De Carli PhD: Geologic and geomorphic characteristics of riverbank failure on the lower Murray River, South Australia
Sopheak Chann PhD: Critical cartography, territoriality, and resource governance: the contestation of a multi perceptual resource frontier in rural Cambodia.
Pratichi Chatterjee PhD: Claiming Urban Space- The Politics of Possession and Dispossession in Sydney.
Perla J. Delos Reyes PhD: Geological and Social Dimensions of Volcanic Hazards and Risk Assessment/Management: Taal Volcano, Philippines as a Case Study
Xuesong Ding PhD: Sequence stratigraphy 2.0: Dynamic topography, tectonics, sea level change and sediment transfer
Matthew Ellis PhD: Emergency managers across Australia: an examination of typology, ethnography, genotypes and phenotypes
Sarah English PhD: Risk Perceptions and Natural Hazards
Michael Fletcher PhD: A 4-D Tectonic Framework for Porphyry and Related Ore Deposit Types of the Western Pacific
Tamsin Fisher MSc: Mobile media tools and ecological citizenship in the contemporary city: assumptions about the good citizen addressing environmental challenges in the digital-urban space
Tom Fitzgerald PhD: Living with risk in a changing coastal zone
Sandy Fritz PhD: Agriculture and the instruments of change in Timor-Leste
Rhiannon Garrett PhD: Numerical modelling of the interplay between tectonic and surface processes in Papua New Guinea
Albert Hasudungan PhD: Political ecology of palm oil development: Case study in Kapuas Hulu, West Kalimantan
Anna Helfensdorfer PhD: Holocene Evolution of the Lower Murray River
Susan Hobley PhD: Developing a liveable, green and ecological model of urban sustainability as the basis for urban forestry in Sydney centred on the need to conserve local biodiversity in cities in ‘megadiverse’ countries
Amy I'anson PhD: Basin Evolution of the North-West Shelf
Tom Job PhD: Historic Acid Sulfate Soil Acidification in the LMDB
Alexandra Jones PhD: The significance of Jervis Bay for humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) mother-calf groups during their southern migration
Jack Lowrey PhD: Geochemical characteristics of Archean boninites in the Murchison Domain, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia
Kiran Maharjan PhD: Political Ecology of Water Governance in South Asia: A Case of the Koshi River
Lesley Lewis PhD: Geographies of Disability, Resilience and Social Justice
Luke Mondy PhD: Investigating the role of surface processes in the geodynamics of continental rifting.
Ian Sinclair PhD: Contested Landscapes – Managing the Tensions between Land Use Planning in Strategic Agricultural Regions on Australia’s Eastern Seaboard
Nicola Perry PhD: Beyond Gender and Towards Intersectionality in Riverine Environmental Decision-Making
Ngoc Pham PhD: Driving forces of Environmental Behaviour Changes of Cu Lao Cham Island Community in Hoi An, Vietnam
Kelsey Sanborn PhD: The response of coral reefs to rapid environmental change and the use of reefs in past sea-level reconstructions
Alistair Sisson PhD: Territorial Stigmatisation in Sydney, Australia: Meanings, Processes, Impacts and Reactions
Edwina Tanner PhD: Blue carbon budget study of the Sydney Harbour estuary using a hydrodynamic model
Amanda Thran PhD: Global distribution of deep-sea sediments in the Cenozoic
Roman Teslyuk PhD: The Distribution and Nature of Archean boninites in the Yilgarn Craton: Implications for Archean Geodynamics
Michael Tetley PhD: The co-evolution of plate tectonics and the deep Earth: Understanding lower mantle structures and their relationship with continental configuration over the past 1 billion years
Danilo Ignacio De Urzedo PhD: Governance of forest seeds production for ecological restoration in Brazil
Annie Wu PhD: The transnational remittances between Australia and Timor-Leste: An ethnographic case study on the Australian Seasonal Workers’ Scheme
Ming Li Yong PhD: Producing scales of resistance: Transboundary community-based responses and resistance to mainstream Lower Mekong Basin hydropower dams
Phyllis Yu PhD: Submarine landslides on the mid-slope of the East Australian Continental Margin: Implications for tsunamigenesis