Postgraduate Coursework Programs

The School of Geosciences coordinates the following three postgraduate coursework degree programs:

Both of the Applied Science degrees are articulated, offering a Graduate Diploma in Applied Science and a Master of Applied Science for international students, and a Graduate Certificate in Applied Science, a Graduate Diploma in Applied Science, and a Master of Applied Science for local students.

All students can enrol in a Graduate Diploma in Science (GradDipSci), which is equivalent to a Bachelors Honours degree, with a thesis. The GradDipSci can be taken in Human Geography, Physical Geography, Geology, or Geophysics. Details about each of these coursework degrees can be found in the Faculty of Science handbook and in the Postgraduate Program section of the Faculty of Science website.

The Units of Study offered by the School of Geosciences comprise only some of the full range of Units of Study available for these programs. The Faculty of Science handbook contains information about all the available Units. Please refer to the Faculty of Arts handbook for further Unit information for the Human Rights program.

Master of Marine Science and Management

The new Sydney Marine Science and Management Program offers a unique opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge in a range of marine science and management disciplines including the science and management of coasts, marine ecology and conservation, coral reefs, climate change, oceanography and engineering.

Developed in collaboration with the Sydney Institute of Marine Science, the University of Technology, Sydney, Macquarie University, and the University of New South Wales, the aim of the program is to equip you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to work in the multidisciplinary field of marine science. Further information on the Marine Science and Management program is available here.

Master of Environmental Science and Law

The Master of Environmental Science and Law program allows students to undertake dual and complementary courses in the fields of both Science and Law. The program is unique and is not available elsewhere. It provides science graduates with the opportunity of extending their scientific knowledge into the area of the environment, as well as acquiring new skills in the field of environmental law. For Law graduates, the opportunity is to extend their knowledge into environmental aspects of law, as well as gain an understanding of some of the concepts underpinning environmental science. Further information on the Environmental Science and Law program is available here.

Master of Science in Environmental Science

The aim of the Environmental Science program is to provide students with an understanding of environmental issues, how various sciences and the environment are related, and how acquired knowledge can be used to solve environmental problems.It is possible to undertake specialised stream in fields such as Wildlife Ecology, Environmental Management, Environmental Mapping, and Life cycle analysis. Further information about the Master of Science in Environmental Science program is available here.

Master of Human Rights

Human Rights has become the language of our time, and core business of an increasing number of government, inter-governmental and non-governmental organisations both in Australia and internationally. Recognising the need for graduates with a deep understanding of human rights theory and practice and the ability to see how human rights language and tools can be used effectively in real life situations. Sydney University is offering one of the few inter-disciplinary human rights post graduate program in Australia.

This program will give graduates a firm foundation in human rights and, through a series of core units, provide them with a practical understanding of how human rights operate in different political, economic, social and environmental contexts. Emphasing the practice of human rights, the program will equip graduates to use human rights language and tools skilfully and effectively, in order to achieve specific changes in the real world. This practical dimension includes the opportunity for students to do an internship in an Australian or international human rights organisation. The degree has a global focus, but will also capitalise on Australia's geo-political location to offer a unique focus on the Asia-Pacific region. Further information about the Master of Human Rights program is available on the Faculty of Arts website.