How to apply

Anyone interested in commencing postgraduate studies with the School of Geosciences must first submit an application.

Different application processes apply for local and international students.

Applying as a local student

A student is considered local if they are

  • an Australian citizen;
  • an Australian Permanent Resident; or
  • a New Zealand citizen.

Local students applying for coursework programs must complete the Clinical doctorate, Master's by coursework, graduate diploma and graduate certificate form available on the Student Centre Admissions Applications web page.

Local students applying for research programs must complete the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Master's by research, and other research award courses form available on the Student Centre Admissions Applications web page.

When applying for either coursework or research programs, local students must also supply supporting documentation. This documentation includes proof of residency, tertiary qualifications and other documentation as required.

Full information about the application procedure for a coursework program and a research program can be found on the Faculty of Science website.

Applying as an international student

International students applying for postgraduate coursework and research programs must apply through the International Office of the University of Sydney or through a University of Sydney agent. Full details on the application process for international students can be found on the International Office website.

Applicants should be aware that part-time study is not allowed for international students. As part of the application process, international students will also need to apply for an International Student Visa.

Applying for research programs

All applications for research programs have requirements additional to those for coursework programs. It is essential that applicants settle on a research proposal before applying. If you are interested in doing a research degree, you should:

  • Discuss (either in person or by email) potential topics with possible supervisors.
  • If you are uncertain about which staff member to approach, contact the School Postgraduate Coordinator .
  • Prepare a Statement of Research Interest. This is required in your application.