Postgraduate Study in Geosciences

The School of Geosciences provides a diverse range of opportunities for people interested in pursuing a postgraduate qualification. Our coursework programs are designed to help students progress in careers with an environmental, spatial information or marine science and management emphasis. Each program offers students flexibility in choosing from a range of Units that best suit their interests.

The School's postgraduate research programs such as Masters or PhDs equip students with skills that will serve them in any area of research whilst allowing them to make a significant contribution to the particular field of study they're interested in.

If you have further questions regarding postgraduate study in the School of Geosciences you may wish to contact the following:
Postgraduate (Marine Science and Management):
Postgraduate (Environmental Science):
Postgraduate (other streams and Research):

The School of Geosciences is committed to ensuring that all students have a positive experience studying with us. See the GeoGender Group for more information.


Current postgraduate students and people interested in postgraduate study with the School of Geosciences will find the following resources of great use:

Finding out more

Queries regarding any of the available postgraduate coursework and research programs can be directed to the School's Postgraduate Advisor .