Recently Completed Postgraduate Candidates


Research Topic Supervisor Associate Supervisor(s) Completion Year
 Dr Sarah MacLeod Building a deforming plate model for the Jurassic/Early Cretaceous Indian Ocean passive margins and the eastern Neotethys/Mesotethys and understanding the role of mid-ocean ridge migration, plate reorganisations and manlte plumes in ocean formation. Prof Dietmar Müller Dr Simon Williams March 2018
 Dr Tegan Hall The architecture of collapse: using network theory to understand the decline of complex civilizations Assoc Prof Dan Penny Prof Roland Fletcher February 2018
Dr Nicky Wright The controls on paleobathymetric boundary conditions for ocean basin evolution Dr Maria Seton Dr Simon Williams December 2017
Dr Hiswaty Hafid Sustainability and economic governance: Reconfiguring cocoa-chocolate production networks in Indonesia Dr Jeff Neilson Prof Bill Pritchard November 2017
Dr Andrew Merdith Big Data Knowledge Discovery Prof Dietmar Müller Dr Stephen Hardy (NICTA),
Dr Simon Williams
October 2017
Dr Tim Frewer Climate Change Interventions in Cambodia Prof Philip Hirsch Dr Robert Fisher August 2017
Dr Timothy Chapman Distinguishing igneous and metamorphic mineral assemblages in high-pressure granulites and eclogites, Western Fiordland Orthogneiss, New Zealand   Prof Geoffrey Clarke Assoc Prof Nathan Daczko May 2017
Dr Stephanie Duce Geomorphology of high energy coral reefs: a study of spur and groove formation, evolution and morphodynamics Assoc Prof Ana Vila Concejo Dr Eleanor Bruce May 2017
Dr Paul Michael Smith Commodification And Commodity Status In Master Planned Estates: Insights Into The Processes Of New Urban Developments Prof Phil McManus Assoc Prof Kurt Iveson February 2017
Dr Billy Haworth Assessing the potential, application, and implications of volunteered geographic information in disaster risk reduction Dr Eleanor Bruce Assoc Prof Kurt Iveson February 2017
Dr Rebecca Hamilton Ecosystem resilience and climate surprises: Examining the response of tropical dry forests to past extremes in the Asian Monsoon Assoc Prof Dan Penny Assoc Prof Tom Hubble January 2017
Dr Nicholas Barnett-Moore Quantifying paleotopography along rifted margins from the geological record and solid Earth models Prof Dietmar Müller Dr Maria Seton, Dr Nicolas Flament December 2016
Dr Daniel Harrison On the Potential of Ocean Fertilisation Prof Ian Jones Dr William Figueira November 2016
Dr Leonardo Valenzuela Coppered Lives: The Chilean Sacrifice Zone of Quintero Bay Prof Phil McManus Prof Phil Hirsch November 2016
Dr Abbas Miri Effects Of Plant Morphology And Density On Wind Velocity, Sheltering Efficiency And Sand Flux Profiles: A Wind Tunnel Study Of Two Plant Types Cosmos Bipinnatus And Ligustrum Lucidum Ait Prof Deirdre Dragovich Dr Eleanor Bruce Oct 2016
Dr Daniel Marks An Urban Political Ecology of the 2011 Bangkok Floods Prof Phil Hirsch Prof John Connell October 2016
Dr Rafiuddin Palinrungi The Institutional Interests Of Upgrading Agents In The Indonesian Cocoa Value Chain Assoc Prof Bill Pritchard Dr Jeff Neilson September 2016
Dr Raquibul Hassan Dynamics Of Mantle Plumes And Their Influence On Paleotopography Prof Dietmar Müller Dr Nicolas Flament September 2016
Dr Michael Rubey Earth's dynamic topography evolution during the last 200 Myr: Insights from mantle convection models with imposed plate motions Prof Dietmar Müller Dr Thomas Landgrebe August 2016
Dr Belinda Dechnik Evolution Of The Great Barrier Reef Over The Last 130 Ka: A Multifaceted Approach, Integrating Palaeo Ecological, Palaeo Environmental And Chronological Data From Cores Dr Jody Webster Dr Ana Vila Concejo August 2016
Dr Liping Yan The ethnic and cultural correlates of water consumption in a pluralistic social context - the Sydney Metropolitan Area Prof Phil McManus Dr Eleanor Bruce July 2016
Dr Adrianna Rajkumar Prograde Histories In High-P To Ultra-High-P Metamorphic Rocks From Tibet And Northern India Prof Geoff Clarke Prof Jonathan Aitchison June 2016
Dr Jessie Connell Safeguarding Resettlement: Global Expectations And Local Experiences In Cambodia Prof Phil Hirsch Dr Jo Gillespie June 2016
Dr Mark Vicol Potatoes, Peasants and Livelihoods: A Critical Exploration of Contract Farming and Agrarian Change in Maharashtra, India Assoc Prof Bill Pritchard Dr Jeff Neilson May 2016
Dr Chetan Choithani Livelihoods on the Move: Understanding the Linakages Between Migration and Household Food Security in India Assoc Prof Bill Pritchard Dr Jeff Neilson April 2016
Dr Trina Isorena Water, Water Everywhere...? Examining Approaches To Rural Water Scarcity In Mindanao Dr Bob Fisher Prof Phil Hirsch April 2016
Dr Maral Hosseinpour Vazifehshenas Kinematic and geodynamic evolution of the Western Tethys in a context of adjacent continents and ocean basins Prof Dietmar Müller Dr Simon Williams Oct 2015
Dr Kirstie Petrou Are we home yet? Paamese migration and urbanisation a generation on Prof John Connell Assoc Prof Kurt Iveson Aug 2015
Tara Roeder (Msc) Using detrital zircon geochronology to unravel the history of the Naga Hills Ophiolite Prof Jonathan Aitchison Dr Alan Baxter July 2015
Dr Erin Smith Structuring for Serendipity: Family wealth creation, farmer autonomy, and the pursuit of security in an uncertain Australian countryside Assoc Prof Bill Pritchard Prof Phil McManus September 2015
Dr Kellie Adlam The value of the Geological record in determining rates and drivers of coastal lagoon shoreline development Dr Dan Penny Assoc Prof Peter Cowell September 2015
Dr Sabin Zahirovic Post-Pangea global plate kinematics and geodynamic implications for Southeast Asia Prof Dietmar Müller Dr. Maria Seton, Dr. Nicolas Flament May 2015
Diany Hartatri (MSc) Indonesia value chain structures and smallholders' livelihoods: A case study of specialty coffee development interventions Dr Jeff Neilson Assoc Prof Bill Pritchard April 2015
Dr Sunil Bajpai Sustainable National Parks: Balancing Competing Priorities of Conservation and Recreation Prof Deirdre Dragovich Dr David Chapman February 2015
Dr Gustavo Hinestrosa Shelf-edge reefs of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia: A time-capsule from the last glaciation Dr Jody Webster Assoc Prof Peter Cowell February 2015
Dr Zoe Wang Translating Environmental and Development Agendas: Influences of Environmental NGOs on Rural Landscapes in China Dr Bob Fisher Prof Phil Hirsch February 2015
Roshni Sharma (MSc) Precipitating Change: Holocene climate change in the Asian monsoon based on sediment archives from tropical lakes Dr Dan Penny Assoc Prof Jody  Webster January 2015
Dr Olivia Dun Shrimp, Salt and Livelihoods: Migration in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Prof John Connell

Prof Phil Hirsch

December 2014

Dr Samantha Clarke Submarine landslides of the eastern Australian upper continental margin Assoc Prof Tom Hubble

Prof David Airey

Assoc Prof Jody  Webster

December 2014
Dr Lada Phadungkiati Negotiating Regionalisation: Social Networks and Survival of Informal Cross-border Traders Prof Phil Hirsch Dr Bob Fisher December 2014
Dr Dong Xing Sustainable Urban Development and Governance: Making Green Roof Policy in Beijing, China Prof Phil McManus Assoc Prof Kurt Iveson October 2014
Dr Timothy Gunns The development of a hierarchal assessment scheme for the management of estuaries in New South Wales Assoc Prof Gavin Birch Dr Derek Wyman October 2014

Dr Tubtim Tubtim

PhD (Cotutelle with Chiang Mai University)

Rural Crossroads: Class and Migration in Peri-urban Chiang Mai Assoc Prof Kurt Iveson Prof John Connell June 2014
Dr Sophia Maalsen The Life History of Sound Assoc Prof Kurt Iveson Assoc Prof Charles Fairchild June 2014
Dr Paula Brown Marine Protected Areas, Co-Management and Livelihoods: Coastal Change in Vietnam Dr Bob Fisher Prof Phil Hirsch May 2014
Dr Katherine Silversides Automated analysis of Natural gamma logs by Gaussian processes: Application to marker shales in iron ore mines Dr Derek Wyman Prof Peter Hatherly May 2014
Dr Kara Matthews Geologic and kinematic consequences of major plate boundary reorganisations Prof Dietmar Müller Dr Maria Seton and Dr Nicolas Flament May 2014
Dr Worawan Sukraroek Integration, participation and the politics of water resources management in the Sesan river basin Prof Phil Hirsch Dr Yayoi Lagerqvist May 2014
Dr Reza Jamshidialashti Dynamics of Sediment Yields Using Hydrologic Models in Managed Catchments, Eastern Australia Prof Deirdre Dragovich Dr Eleanor Bruce May 2014
Dr Daniel Harris Physical processess and short to long-term morphodynamics in coral reefs Dr Ana Vila Concejo Assoc Prof Jody  Webster May 2014
Dr Philip Robert Holmes The Environmental and Financial Sustainability of Pastoralism in Australian Arid Rangelands: A case study approach Prof Deirdre Dragovich Dr David Chapman May 2014
Dr Ann Turner Institutional Regimes in Transport: Case Studies of Rail and Road in NSW and Queensland 1850  - 2000 Assoc Prof Bill Pritchard Prof John Connell May 2014
Dr Nathaniel Butterworth The dynamics of subduction and its tectonic implications Prof Dietmar Müller Leonardo Quevedo and Dr Gabriele Morra May 2014
Dr Michael Kinsela Shoreface Response to Sea Level Change and the Evolution of Barrier Coasts Assoc Prof Peter Cowell Dr Ana Vila Concejo April 2014
Dr Grace Shephard Linking deep Earth structure and surface topography through geodynamic models Prof Dietmar Müller Dr Maria Seton March 2014
Dr Marco Melo Ferraz Influence of Delta Morphodynamics on Coastal Response to Climate Change Assoc Prof Peter Cowell Dr Ana Vila Concejo March 2014
Dr Kevin Davies Mapping Changes in Vegetation Cover Using Multiple Satellite Sensors: A Case Study of the Phnom Kulen National Park, Cambodia Dr Richard Murphy Dr Eleanor Bruce March 2014
Dr Raewyn Graham Eque-cultural identity': A case study of the Scone and Upper Hunter Horse Festival and the Georgetown Festival of the Horse Prof Phil McManus Prof John Connell February 2014