PhD Candidate

Room 429, Madsen Building (F09)
School of Geosciences
The University of Sydney

Supervisor: Dr Jeffrey Neilson
Co-supervisor: Dr Russell Toth


PhD: Evaluating the impact of coffee certification on smallholder livelihoods and sustainability in southern Sumatra, Indonesia.

Josh is a PhD candidate at the School of Geosciences, University of Sydney. His research interests the intersection of economic, social and environmental issues.

Josh is currently undertaking research as part of a collaborative project between the University of Sydney, University of Lampung (Indonesia), the Indonesian Coffee and Cocoa Research Institute (ICCRI) and the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR). The project is examining the changes currently occurring in the coffee and cocoa value chains in Indonesia, with particular focus on the changing nature of, and demand for, certified products, as well as the ongoing development of Geographical Indicators.

The results are of importance given the challenges facing the production of these commodities in Indonesia. These challenges include land use change, lack of technical knowledge and the ongoing low living standards among producer communities. In addition, Indonesia is the world’s third largest producer of coffee, while southern Sumatra, consisting of the provinces of South Sumatra and Lampung, is the world’s second biggest site of Robusta coffee production, after Vietnam. Even so, there are many opportunities for further research.

Josh holds a Bachelor of Land & Water Science (Hons) and a Masters of Development Studies. Prior to starting his PhD, Josh worked as an environmental consultant, specialising in the investigation and remediation of contaminated lands and mining sites.