Dr. Angel Puga Bernabeu

Postdoctoral Fellow UGR-USYD


Angel Puga Bernabeu is a postdoc fellow from the Department of Stratigraphy and Paleontology, University of Granada, Spain. His main research interests deal with the sedimentology of temperate and tropical carbonates, with significant interest in the development of depositional models of carbonates and the topographic and hydrodynamic controls on those models, as well as in transport and redeposition processes in carbonate systems. Currently, he is attempting to expand his research in tropical carbonates by studying submerged reefs from Hawaii and the Great Barrier Reef.

During his stay at the School of Geosciences (March 2009-March 2011) he was involved in:

1) Processes that control coral reef and platform evolution of the submerged Hilo (E Hawaii) reef system

2) Turbidites and submarine canyon dynamics in the GBR

3) Sedimentology of samples collected in the IODP Expedition 325