Ms Olga Sawtell, BA, LLB

General Manager, Earth Resources Foundation

Madsen Building (F09), Room 341
Phone: +61 2 9351 7690
Fax: +61 2 9351 2234

Olga’s experience has focused on the commercialisation of early stage research companies and includes 4 years as a Director of the Federal Government Industry Research and Development Board, Chair of the IT&T Committee, also Chair of SPACE for 9 years and 7 years as a Board Member of AEEMA.

Selected Publications

  • Mining Monthly Magazine, What have Straddle Carriers got to do with Automating a Mine, June 2007
  • CIM Mining Conference and Exhibition, Montreal, Canada, Application of Borehole Radar Surveying in DeBeers Mines, April 2007
  • Austmine Conference, Perth, Australia, State of the art radar technology for underground orepass management, February 2007
  • Expomin 2006, Santiago, Chile, Application of Millimetre Radar for cost effective protection and management of Ore-passes and the filling of Stopes at Olympic Dam, South Australia, May 2006
  • Haulage and Loading Conference, Phoenix, Arizona, HaulCheck and Proximity Technologies, May 2006
  • Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC), Toronto, Canada, Application of Borehole Radar Surveying in DeBeers Diamond Mines in South Africa, March 2006
  • SAGA Conference, Cape Town, South Africa, Borehold Radar, September 2005
  • International Biennial Safety in Mining Conference-Risk Management for a Safer Mine, Brisbane, Australia, October 2005
  • Strategic Mine Planning Conference - Technological Risk Management for a Safer Mine, Brisbane, Australia, September 2005
  • The competitiveness of Australian Research, International Convention on Trade, Sydney, Australia 1998
  • Women in industry - A different perspective of the glass ceiling. International Forum of Business Women, Melbourne, Australia 1998
  • A Technical Briefing for Industry on the December, 1996 changes to the Research and Development Tax Concessions, Australian Business Council, 1997
  • An Overview of the Federal Government’s new Business Innovation Investment Fund for Early Stage Research and Development, IR&D Board briefing and training in each Australian capital city, 1997
  • Technology for the Businesswoman, Australian Businesswoman’s Conference, Melbourne, Australia 1995
  • Women Keeping Pace With Telecommunications, International Women in Industry Conference, Singapore 1995
  • Technology Led Education And Training, International Conference on Open Learning, Toronto, Canada 1994