Michael Fletcher

PhD Candidate

Supervisor Name: Derek Wyman
Associate Supervisor: Dietmar Muller

Background: BSc (Hons) University of New South Wales. 1991, MComm (Hons) University of Sydney 2009.


PhD Title: A 4-D Tectonic Framework for Porphyry and Related Ore Deposit Types of the Western Pacific

Area of Interest: Factors controlling the formation of Mineral Deposits at Continental Margins. Genetic relationships between metal deposits and convergent margin processes have been known for many decades, but a remaining challenge is in understanding which "geodynamic niches" control the formation of ore deposits, particularly large deposits in various classes. A variety of hypotheses will be quantitatively assessed by integrating geological data with tectonic reconstructions developed in gPlates software. The study will establish spatial-temporal relationships between mineralization and geodynamic niches associated with plume-arc interaction, plateau-hotspot subduction, seafloor lineament subduction, slab window formation, etc.


  • Fletcher, Michael, and Derek A. Wyman. "Mantle plume–subduction zone interactions over the past 60Ma." Lithos 233 (2015): 162-173.
  • The geology of the Hargreaves Goldfields. Honours Thesis University of New South Wales. 1991.