Timothy Chapman, BSc (HONS)


PhD Candidate

Madsen Building (F09), Room 407
Phone: +61 9351 8199

Professor Geoffrey Clarke
Associate Professor Nathan Daczko


PhD: Distinguishing igneous and metamorphic mineral assemblages in high-pressure granulites and eclogites, Western Fiordland Orthogneiss, New Zealand

There is a major overlap in the mineral assemblages of high-grade orthogneiss and that of there igneous protoliths. Misallocation of any key mineral to an igneous or metamorphic mineral assemblage can lead to fallacious interpretations of the petrogenetic history of the rock and the terrane. Characterisation of the mineral paragenesis can provide unique insights into both the protolith evolution and the nature of metamorphic processes. My research is looking at distinguishing such mineral assemblages through detailed petrological analysis, mineral geochemistry and mineral equilibria modeling of high-pressure metamorphic rocks from Fiordland, New Zealand. The Western Fiordland Orthogneiss provides insights into crustal formation in magmatic arcs through interpretation of igneous assemblages and into the processes and nature of metamorphism within a magmatic root by analysis of metamorphic reaction products, overprints and pressure-temperature conditions.


  • 2012: Petrogenesis of omphacite-orthopyroxene granulite (HonoursThesis)