Geosciences Seminar Series: LAND


Land is a seemingly simple word, frequently used in our everyday language. In the broadest sense land may be thought of as any part of the Earth’s surface not covered by water. However, land means different things to different people. A geologist may think of most land in terms of continental crust, a geophysicist as the physical properties of this crust, a climate modeller as any surface exposed to solar radiation, a farmer as agriculturally productive ground or soil, and social scientists in terms of its ownership and use. In this seminar series, we bring together a broad group of experts to explore the theme of land from a variety of perspectives – from the Geosciences and beyond.


All lectures will occur between 1 – 2pm on Mondays at the Madsen Conference Room 449, Madsen Building F09, The University of Sydney.

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Date Speaker Title of Talk
6th August A/Prof Heidi Norman, UTS Towards an analysis of the value and benefits of Aboriginal land rights in NSW
20th August Prof Bill Pritchard, USyd All that’s terra firma melts into air: The social foundations of the ground beneath us
3rd September Prof Peter Cawood, ARC Laureate Fellow, Monash University Does the Earth have a Pulse? How the archive of the continental crust helps understand our planet's evolution
17th September Dr Cathy Sherry, UNSW Private Regulation in the Consolidated City: Strata, community and stratum title
8th October Prof Matt Huber, Purdue University Using climate models to understand marine-terrestrial linkages through the Cenozoic
22nd October

Dr Kate Selway,

ARC Future Fellow, Macquarie University
What lies beneath: Deep Earth controls on surface processes