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The strains of a continental breakup

July 20 2016

Scientists spanning Australia and Germany have revealed the underlying mechanics enabling supercontinents to separate as part of a five-year Australian Research Council and industry-funded project.
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Cultural Competence Launch

July 19 2016

On Friday 22 July you are invited to the launch of the University’s new cultural competence online modules for all professional and academic staff. Challenge your perceptions, enhance your cultural mindfulness and join the University’s cultural competence journey.
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July 19 2016

Welcome back to the Geosciences crew from the ECOSAT II voyage on the RV Investigator! After braving close to 10 meter high waves and over 50 knot winds on their approach into Hobart, the team made it back safely with an impressive haul of rocks, geophysical data and the experience of a lifetime.
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Mines, Wines and Thoroughbreds Virtual Fieldtrip

July 18 2016

The virtual fieldtrip in GEOS2121 in 2016 promises to be the best ever! The 2016 Mines, Wines and Thoroughbreds Virtual Fieldtrip is a component of GEOS2121 Environmental and Resource Management. In 2016 this unit is coordinated by Dr. Yayoi Lagerqvist and includes important input from Dr. Josephine Gillespie.
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Billy Haworth at the IAG Conference

July 12 2016

With support of the IAG, Geosciences PhD candidate Billy Haworth recently attended the IAG annual conference in Adelaide. The theme of the conference, “Frontiers of Geographical Knowledge” was manifest in the jam-packed program, with a number of sessions focusing on the future of the discipline, globally-significant research areas such as natural hazards and disaster risk reduction, and topics reflecting broader social trends, such as greater recognition of the importance and value of indigenous culture, knowledge and research methods Read more

Marine Litter Vital Graphics

July 11 2016

Professor Elaine Baker recently contributed to a new report released by the United Nations Environment Programme. The report, Marine Litter Vital Graphics, highlights why it is important to act now if we want to avoid living in a sea of plastic by mid-century.
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Staff Spotlight: Lan Hui

July 6 2016

We are very lucky here at the School of Geosciences to have the opportunity to work with our Research Officer, Ms Lan Hui!

Part of Lan's role involves fostering good working relationships and creating collaborative teaching arrangements, postgraduate student exchange (such as the very exciting 2+2 program with Wuhan University) and research opportunities between the School of Geosciences, The University of Sydney and Chinese universities such as China University of Geosciences, Ocean University of China, Wuhan University, University of Mining & Technology and more.
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