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Small drop in sea level had big impact on southern Great Barrier Reef

Jan 22 2015

The idea that coral reefs have formed over millennia in a continuous process has been challenged by a study of the southern Great Barrier Reef. The research, led by the University of Sydney, shows that even small variations in sea level can cause significant change across the reef.

"We create a new narrative for how the Barrier Reef and other coral reefs came about and explain the importance of surprisingly small changes in sea level," said Associate Professor Jody Webster from the University of Sydney's School of Geosciences and an author on a recently published article on the findings in Geology.

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Sydney students make history in India


The University of Sydney's first ever group of exchange students in India

Feb 3 2015

A group of 15 Sydney students is spending three weeks in Mumbai and Bangalore as part of the University's first mobility agreement with India.

They are studying at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Mumbai (TISS) and the Institute for Social and Economic Change in Bangalore on a field school program looking at the political economy of development and environmental management in India.

"The students are gaining an insight into the vast challenges faced by one of the most important nations in the 21st century," said Dr Elizabeth Hill from the Department of Political Economy, one of the study conveners who is accompanying the students.

Her fellow convener, Associate Professor Bill Pritchard from the School of Geosciences, added: "The program offers students the opportunity to develop cultural competency and familiarity with an important developing economy with which the University is building important partnerships."

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