School of Geosciences

Welcome to the School of Geosciences, a dynamic and varied group of disciplines made up of Geology, Geography and Geophysics.

Our research and teaching on environment, sustainability, cities, coastal studies, climate change and similar themes means we are addressing national priorities and issues of importance to people in Sydney, throughout Australia and around the world. As a student in the School of Geosciences you will learn how to analyse problems, work out solutions, and communicate these clearly to others. Your studies will reward you with valuable skills to launch a professional career often involving international travel, out-of-doors work in exotic locations, and the ability to contribute to better environmental futures. Read more

Latest News

  • New reef coring campaign unlocks climate change secrets of the Great Barrier Reef

    The team from the Geocoastal Research Group has just returned from a highly successful campaign to recover fossil coral reef cores from One Tree Island in the Great Barrier Reef. This is part of joint USYD, UQ, QUT Australian Research Council Discovery supported project to investigate the growth of the reef over the last 9,000 years.

  • Landslides and tsunamis under investigation on Australia's east coast

    Undertaken by the University's School of Geosciences, the research is detailed in a chapter in Southern Surveyor: Stories from on board Australia's ocean research vessel, a new book from CSIRO Publishing.

  • Hazards Research Group success

    Congratulations to Dr Emma Calgaro and Assoc Prof Dale Dominey-Howes of the Hazards Research Group in the School of Geosciences, University of Sydney for securing an inaugural grant award of US$1 million as part of the Global Resilience Partnership program.