Other Services

  1. Workplace health and safety
  2. Equipment maintenance
  3. Purchasing

1. Workplace Health and Safety

Incidents and reporting
If you are involved in an incident and/or otherwise injured during your duties at the University then these incidents will require reporting through the University channels. School can help with reporting requirements and should be alerted to such instances when they arise.

Safety equipment
Many of the Schools activities will require the use of various items of safety equipment. High vis vests, road safety equipment, personal protective equipment and first aid kits may be obtained via the technical staff.

Consultation on WHS matters
Many projects and purchases will carry WHS and/or insurance considerations. are experienced in many of these obligations and may provide practical advice on meeting these objectives, for example the requirement of documented risk assessments for all field activities may benefit from technical input and experience.

2. Equipment maintenance

Calibration and testing
Full calibration, testing and storage facilities are available for all items of laboratory/field/workshop equipment. Consult for further information.

Experimental design and fabrication
Experienced staff can assist with numerous elements of experimental design, both in the School and in a host of environmental field applications. Some equipment can be designed and built inhouse and solutions for difficult problems engineered.

Instrument/equipment servicing
Arrangements for the servicing of analytical instruments, valuable items and heavy equipment can be arranged through the technical staff. Liaison with service and sales personnel is also available.

3. Purchasing

Chemical and laboratory purchases
Such that all safety and storage considerations can be accounted for all purchases of chemicals, regardless of quantity, should be directed to technical staff. Assistance on the procurement of laboratory equipment is also available.

Hardware and field equipment
School should be consulted on all major purchases pertinent to the field and laboratory activities of the School. Advice on storage and operational issues, safety implications, training, transport, loading/unloading, installation is available from technical staff experienced in the ways of the University.