Field Services

  1. Fieldwork organisation
  2. Marine and estuarine field studies
  3. Surveying and positioning
  4. Terrestrial geophysics
  5. School resources for field excursions, studies

Fieldwork Organisation

Planning and logistical support for water and land based field activity
Experienced staff can assist with most elements of preparation for field excursions and sample collection expeditions for teaching and research purposes. Planning, logisitics, equipment, supplies and field safety are well resourced and available by arrangement with .

Field equipment preparation, repair and maintenance
The School has some facilities for the fabrication and maintenance/repair of field equipment including tools, work benches and welding/soldering equipment. Contact for further information on capabilities. We can also assist with staging and loading of equipment for field excursions.

Marine and estuarine field studies

Sediment and water sampling
The School of Geosciences Field Service Laboratory maintains an extensive inventory of equipment to assist in the collection of samples in the field. This includes hand augers, sediment grabs, soil and sediment coring equipment, water pumps, geological hammers, dredges, autosamplers, data collection and logging, boating and remote location resources.

Management of the School boat fleet
Arrangements for the use of the Schools boat fleet and information on licensing and regulations should be made through the School’s . See School Resources (below) for a list of available assets.

Marine and estuarine hydrodynamics
Available through the Field Service Laboratory are a variety of hydrodynamic data collection techniques. Included are Acoustic Doppler Velocimeters (ADVs), remote location data collection solutions, pressure transducers and optical backscatter sensors (OBSs).

Marine and estuarine surveying and geophysics
with extensive experience in marine surveying and the conducting of marine seismic surveys can provide advice on these techniques. Also available for research use are echo sounders, and side scan sonars.

Marine and estuarine monitoring equipment
At its disposal The School has a number of data collection and storage devices such as pH meters, conductivity meters, flow and current meters; and multi parameter data collection platforms including Sondes, CTDs and FBBs aka “Fantastically” Big Buoys.

Surveying and positioning

General positioning equipment
The School has a collection of compasses (Suunto, Ranger) and clinometers available for use for teaching and research purposes. There are also 20 handheld Juno GPS units as part of this collection.

Maintenance of School surveying gear
As part of the field equipment inventory, we maintain an extensive collection of surveying gear which is available for teaching and research purposes. This list includes levels, theodolytes, digital theodolytes, tripods and staffs, measuring tapes, stakes and hammers.

Specialist surveying equipment
For more advanced research, the following equipment is available for use. This equipment generally must be booked beforehand through the . As part of this collection we have a Real Time Kinetics Global Navigation Satellite System (RTK-GNSS, pictured) and total stations. Use of this equipment will require specialised training before it can be used.

Terrestrial geophysics

Technical staff can assist with a variety of terrestrial geophysical activities such as Magnetic Susceptibility, EM and seismic surveys, and geophysical field equipment. Please consult the regarding your requirements and our capabilities.

School resources for field excursions, studies

Vehicles and trailers
The School of Geosciences currently operates two Toyota Landcruisers which are available by booking for use for School purposes. They are:

Toyota Landcruiser – Standard, Silver, seats 5 + luggage, towball.

Toyota Landcuiser Troop Carrier – Seats 11 maximum*, towball.

The School also has available for use 3 trailers. A bus trailer for baggage transport, a 2 axle box trailer for heavier loads, and a single axle box trailer for lighter loads.

* limitations apply. Discuss with .

Boat fleet and safety equipment
Currently the School has available a number of boats for use in enclosed waters. The largest of these is an 18ft runabout. In some configurations use of these boats will require licensing and experienced operators. All boats can carry a maximum number of people which must be taken into consideration before use. Discuss your requirements with .
The School is fully stocked with a range of appropriate boat safety equipment including life jackets, portable flotation devices (PFDs), emergency flares and radios.

Design and fabrication of equipment
The School has limited workshop facilities where it may be possible to fabricate small items of field equipment, repair and maintain field equipment and fieldtrip preparation.

Tools, tool kits
A large range of small tools and power tools can be obtained through the School Field Laboratory. Please consult .