Honorary Associates

Name Research Interests

Professor Glenn Albrecht

Pioneered the research domain of 'psychoterratic' or earth related mental health and emotional conditions with his concept of 'solastalgia' or the lived experience of negative environmental change

Dr Edris Alam

Natural hazards, Disaster & risk management, Coupled human-environment systems, Sustainable development through post disaster reconstruction and humanitarian assistance and sustainable livelihood approaches, Climate change, migration, adaptation and policy, Theoretical and methodological approaches in understanding of disaster and vulnerability

Dr Basudhara Bhattarai

Gender and development, with a special focus on gender justice and social inclusion in natural resource management, climate adaptation, disaster risk reduction, food security and agricultural production systems

Assoc. Prof. Gavin Birch


Assessment of impact of marine waste disposal, Determining estuarine processes and developing a contaminant model for complex mixed/stratified estuaries, Constructing models to quantify sediment toxicity, Providing remedial options for effective stormwater management, recycling and water harvesting, Developing sedimentary metals as a new ecosystem indicator for estuarine environments
Dr David Blair Sonar, ocean acoustics
History of Australian geology
Dr Robin Branson Sustainability, Environmental Awareness, Sustainable Development
Adjunct Prof Doug Cato  Marine acoustics and bioacoustics
Dr David Chapman Geographic Information Science
Prof. John Connell Political, economic and social geography

Assoc. Prof. Peter Cowell
Geomorphology of coasts and continental shelves
A/Prof Deirdre Dragovich   Rock weathering in different environments
Nicolas Flament Deep-Earth processes for the evolution of Earth’s surface
Emeritus Prof Peter Flood Exploration Geology
Professor David Gubbins The origins of the Earth's magnetic field
Dr Michael Hughes Coastal oceanography and sediment transport; morphodynamics
Ocean Technology
A/Prof Jock Keene    Seafloor mapping
Dr Yayoi Lagerqvist Land Use Dynamics and Rural Livelihood Change in Southeast Asia
Emeritus Professor Iain Mason Geophysics and mine-site exploration

Scott McKinnon
Queering Disasters in the Antipodes: investigating the experiences of LGBTI people in natural disasters
Phil Mulhearn  
Dr Robert (Bob) Musgrave Research Geophysicist in the Geological Survey of New South Wales
Dr Gordon Packham Tectonic development of the Tasmanides

Professor Andy Short
Coastal processes and coastal  morphology
Scientific and technical aspects of maritime boundary definition, in particular the outer limits of the continental shelf.
Nature and development of continental margins and their resource potential.
Nature of continent/ocean boundaries and transition zones.
Geoscience aspects of environmental and resource management, and sustainable development of marine jurisdictions.
Dr Amanda Tattersall Geography
A/Prof Barry Webby Geology, Geophysics
A/Prof Xiaojiang Yu Environmental Studies and International Development