Professor Glenn Albrecht

Honorary Associate

Glenn Albrecht retired as professor of sustainability at Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia in June 2014. He is now an Honorary Professorial Fellow in the School of Geosciences, The University of Sydney. He was at the University of Newcastle as Associate Professor of Environmental Studies until December 2008. He is an environmental philosopher with both theoretical and applied interests in the relationship between ecosystem and human health, broadly defined. He pioneered the research domain of 'psychoterratic' or earth related mental health and emotional conditions with his concept of 'solastalgia' or the lived experience of negative environmental change. Solastalgia has become accepted worldwide as a key concept in understanding the impact of environmental change in academic, creative arts, social impact assessment and legal contexts. Glenn Albrecht’s work is now being used extensively in course readings, new research theses and academic research in many disciplines including geography and environmental studies. His work is also being published in languages other than English. He has publications in the field of animal ethics and has published on the ethics of relocating endangered species in the face of climate change pressures and the ethics of the thoroughbred horse industry worldwide. With Professor Phillip McManus (Sydney University) he has completed a book which was published in 2012 by Routledge on the thoroughbred industry. He also published with Professor McManus on the newly emerging domain of ‘psychoterratic geographies’ (McManus and Albrecht 2013).

With colleagues, Nick Higginbotham (University of Newcastle) and Linda Connor (Sydney University) under Australian Research Council Discovery Project grants, he has researched the impact of mining in the Upper Hunter Region of NSW, Australia and the impact of climate change on communities, again in the Hunter Region. He has researched the impact of gas fracking and coal mining on people and communities in the Gloucester region of NSW. Glenn has also been involved as a Chief Investigator in an ARC Discovery Grant Project on the social and ethical aspects of the thoroughbred horse industry worldwide and was a partner investigator on ARC Linkage Grant funded research on the ethics of feral buffalo control in Arnhem Land. He has held an NCCARF grant at Murdoch University to study the likely impact of climate change on water provision in two inland cities (Broken Hill and Kalgoorlie). Glenn Albrecht is also a pioneer of transdisciplinary thinking and, with Higginbotham and Connor, produced a major book on this topic, Health Social Science: A Transdisciplinary and Complexity Perspective with Oxford University Press in 2001.

His current major transdisciplinary research interest, the positive and negative psychological, emotional and cultural relationships people have to place and its transformation is one that sees him having a national and international research profile in an emergent field of academic inquiry where he has been recognised as a global pioneer. International citations to his academic works are now increasing annually and reference to his concept of solastalgia in global art and culture is now too extensive to fully document. Glenn now works as an independent academic based in the Hunter Region of NSW. He continues to research and publish in his chosen fields. He is a current grant assessor for Commonwealth Ministry of Arts grant applications.



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Book Chapters

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National and International Edited and/or Refereed Journals

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Published Book Review

  • Albrecht, G.A. (2013) Ethical Adaptation to Climate Change: Human Virtues of the Future, Edited by Thompson and Bendik-Keymer, Cambridge (Mass), MIT Press, 344 pages, in, The Quarterly Review of Biology, Vol. 88, No. 3, September 2013, pp. 234-235.

Conference Publication

  • Benjamin, D and Albrecht, G. (2009) Prolegomena to the development of cultural concepts for climate change mitigation and adaptation: Cross cultural and diachronic perspectives, Climate Change: Global Risks, Challenges and Decisions, Copenhagen, Denmark. IOP Conf. Series. Earth and Environmental Science 6 (2009) 572018.

Major Refereed Report

  • Albrecht, G, Allison, H, Ellis, N & Jaceglav, M. (2010), Resilience and water security in two outback cities, National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF), Gold Coast,48 pp.

Non-refereed Publications

  • Albrecht, G.A. (2016) Love and Spirit (The Ghedeist) in the Symbiocene Psychoterratica:
  • Albrecht, G.A. (2015) Exiting the Anthropocene and Entering The Symbiocene. Psychoterratica:
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  • Presentations/Lectures at National and International Conferences/Venues
  • Albrecht, G.A. (December 2015) Entering The Symbiocene: from Dominance to Mutualism. Earth System Governance: Democracy and Resilience in the Anthropocene. ANU Canberra, 14-16 December.
  • Albrecht, G.A. (2015) Solastalgia and The Symbiocene, World Student Environmental Network: Global Summit, Murdoch University, Perth, WA.
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    First Global Conference on Research Integration and Implementation, ANU Canberra (Powerpoint Poster Presentation).
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  • Albrecht, G.A. (March 2011) Solastalgia and the Landscape of the Mind: Reuniting Language, Emotions and Place in the Twenty-first Century, Louisiana Folklore Society’s 55th Annual Meeting, Conference Theme: Solastalgia: Longing for Home Without Ever Leaving, The University of Louisiana, USA. (keynote speaker)
  • Albrecht, G.A. (2010) Environmental Change and Psychoterratic Syndromes:
    The Bad, the Good and the Beautiful, Public Lecture, Alexander von Humboldt Institute, Bogota, Colombia. (keynote speaker)
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Other Invited Papers/Presentations 2011-16

  • Albrecht, G.A. (August 2016) Solastalgia and Soliphilia: The Disappearing Coast of the UK South Downs at Cuckmere (Seaford). The Lapwing Music Festival.
  • Albrecht, G.A. (October 2015) Gloucester and the Good Life: Sustaining Good Emotions in Our Relationship to The Earth. The Gloucester Sustainable Future Convention. Gloucester NSW.
  • Albrecht, G.A. (March 2014) Western Australia, Eco-Emotions and an Endemic Sense of Place, to the The Board of Kings Park, Half Day Seminar, Perth Western Australia.
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  • Albrecht, G.A. (2011) Solastalgia and the Landscape of the Mind, Glide IN Fremantle (invited).

Public Exhibitions and Seminar Events

  • Albrecht, G.A. (Convenor) (Jan 2012) Endemic Sense of Place: One day Seminar, Murdoch University, Perth, WA.
  • Albrecht, G.A. (March 2012) Solastalgia and Art, Life in Our Hands Exhibition: Art and Craft Respond to Solastalgia, Lake Macquarie Gallery, NSW (Invited Public Talk)

Funded Research Grants and Funded Community Development Projects

Year Amount Project Recipients My contribution
2010-13 $100,000 Vision of Australia Craft and Art Exhibition: Life in your hands: solastalgia, resilience and the value of contemporary art, craft and design. Lake Macquarie Gallery, Glenn Albrecht and others. Presenter and expert resource person
2010 $80,000 ARC Discovery Project, Climate Change Place and Community. L. Connor, G. Albrecht, N. Higginbotham CI
2009 $25,000 Murdoch Strategic Grant: Resilient Regions G. Albrecht, H. Allison, et al CI
2007-11 $422,000 ARC Discovery Project, Climate Change Place and Community. L. Connor, G. Albrecht, N. Higginbotham CI
2006-09 $264,000 ARC Linkage (Round 2) (CDU et al) Ecological – Epidemiological Models of Feral Swamp Buffalo Control in Northern Australia C. Bradshaw et al Associate Investigator in bio- ethicist role
2006-10 $550,000 ARC Linkage (Round 2) Advancing the Ecological Footprint for Application to Policy Development B. Lauck, G. Albrecht et al CI
2006-09 $240,000 ARC Discovery Project: Thoroughbred Horse Industry: Animal Geographies-Bioethics P. McManus and G. Albrecht CI

Media Exposure 2009-2014 (selection)


  • IPCC Report Business Insider
  • IPCC Report Business Spectator
  • IPCC Fifth Report Sustainability Matters
  • Australia’s hottest ever summer (2014):


  • IPCC Response (2013):
  • Albrecht interviewed about solastalgia and the Lost City syndrome for ABC Radio National Program, The List, at:
  • Albrecht’s concept of solastalgia featured in The Global Mail in a major article by Bernard Lagan, ‘The town that would not disappear’
  • Albrecht’s research featured in an article in National Geographic (April) By Carl Zimmer on ‘Bringing Them Back to Life The revival of an extinct species is no longer a fantasy. But is it a good idea?’


  • Albrecht’s work featured in a major article in Orion Magazine (USA). Trebbe Johnson “Gaze Even Here,” published in Orion's November/December 2012 issue and Albrecht a participant in an Orion webinar. November 14, 2012.
  • Albrecht’s work regarding Lake Macquarie Gallery Exhibition featured in The Newcastle Herald, Newcastle NSW 14 April 2012
  • 6PR, Perth, Nightline: 13 January 2012 11:05PM Graham Mabury Interview with Glenn Albrecht, Professor of Sustainability at Murdoch University to discuss endemic sense of place.
  • Albrecht’s work featured in New Scientist:


  • YES! Magazine:
  • 2011 SBS Television, Invited appearance on ‘Insight’ program on Meat Eating as expert on animal ethics. August 9, 2011.
  • 2011 Article in Sierra Club Publication by Ray Grigg: Solastalgia: A Word For Our Time:
  • 2011 Radio interview on ABC PM re the Live Animal Trade issues, also on-line ABC:
  • 2011 Radio Interview ABC Bush Telegraph on Solastalgia and the Art/Craft Exhibition (August 11).
  • 2011 Major article on ecosystem health in WA forests in The West Australian and mention in Editorial on same topic.
  • 2011 Interview material on tree death in the Perth Hills also on-line local ABC news:
  • 2011 Interview and subsequent article on solastalgia in mining areas in QLD. The Beaudesert Times:
  • 2011 Contribution to an article on rural and regional decline in The West Australian:


  • Glenn Albrecht interviewed by ABC Stateline WA about Denmark and limits to growth:
  • Glenn Albrecht does numerous radio and television about his research for Colombia national radio and television
  • National Public Radio USA, Wisconsin Public Radio TT Book: Finding Home, Interview on Solastalgia
  • March 2 NPR USA, Here on Earth, Solastalgia,
  • ABC Radio National interviews
    May 22: Saturday Extra: Interview on Solastalgia and Soliphilia


  • ABC Radio Interviews (numerous)
  • CBC Radio Interview Feeling Homesick? On Definitely Not the Opera.

Select Artworks and Exhibitions Based on Solastalgia

  • 2016 Jenny Brown:
  • 2014 Nikki Lindt Heskin Contemporary, New York (May 22).
  • 2014 Carmon Colangelo has produced two bodies of work, Storms and Post Storms, a turbulent pair of exhibits that explores environmental instability, urban growth and the idea solastalgia – the distressing sense of powerlessness people feel when the landscape they've known is transformed by environmental change.
  • 2014 Kerstin Larissa Hovland: Lamentatio Solastalgia (i. Ablatae ii. Cineres)
  • 2014 Michelle Wilson USA. “Much of her work examines the concept of solastalgia; the disquiet or psychic distress caused by environmental change or instability.”
  • 2013 Lizzie Buckmaster Dove Sydney Australia.
  • 2013 Solastalgia | Wintering A dance presented by Aimee Smith
  • 2013 Life in Your Hands: Art from Solastalgia
  • 2013 Hannah Rose and Carroll Harris solastalgia
  • 2013 Gordon Picken, Solastalgia
  • 2012 Virginia MacKenny Solastalgia
  • 2012 South Africa The concept of solastalgia is the premise for Barbara Wildenboer's sixth solo exhibition, Canaries in the Coalmine. Canaries in the coalmine - Barbara Wildenboer. Date: 2 May - 2 June Venue: Erdmann Contemporary, 63 Shortmarket Street, Cape Town 8001
  • 2012 Australia: Solastalgia Travelling Exhibition:
  • 2011 USA
  • 2011 Joy Kreves: Solastalgia:
  • 2011, new works by JENNY KENDLER
  • 2010, Kate McDowell, Hand Built Porcelain 'Solastalgia' See also:
  • 2010, Nikki Lindt, Paintings and Works on paper at Heskin Contemporary, New York
  • 2010, Mammut Magazine Issue #4 for an edition focussing on Solastalgia.
  • 2008, Use in inspiration for artistic work by South African artist Virginia MacKenny . See: and
  • Music
  • 2015 De-Franco Solastalgia:
  • 2013
  • 2012
  • 2011 Chaos Divine No Road Home (Solastalgia),
  • 2011 Cobra Sculls Solastalgia and 2015
  • 2010, Ripperton, Niwa, Track 14: Solastalgia
  • 2009 Zero 7, Yeah Ghost. Track 9: Solastalgia
  • 2008 Jukeen, Solastalgia album


  • 2013 Wintering; A Dance by Aimee Smith. In part, inspired by the concept of solastalgia.
  • 2012 Mayne, Hayley: Review of 66A Church Road, written and performed at the 2010 Perth International Arts Festival, by Daniel Kitson
  • 2010 BWW Reviews: Review of Dodo Solastalgia, by Victor I. Cazares, a short play performed by Redfern Theatre Company on Broadway, New York, March 2010
  • 2011 Alexander McCall Smith 44 Scotland Street, Chapter 63, “Solastalgia Explained”.
  • 2010 Hilary Cadigan, Solastalgia - Honours Thesis for Bachelor of Creative Writing, Emory College, Atlanta, Georgia.

Some Articles about Albrecht’s Work

  • Macfarlane, R. (2016), Generation Anthropocene:
  • 2015 BBC Have You Ever Felt Solastalgia?
  • 2010 Smith, Daniel B.: Is there an ecological unconscious? in New York Times Magazine, 27 January 2010.
  • 2008 Khanna, Sanjay: What does Climate Change do to our heads? 21 March, 2008.
  • 2007 - 2008 Clive Thompson on how the next victim of climate change will be our minds.
  • Wired December 20, 2007, in Wired, Issue 16.01 (Accessed 9 Jan 2008). See also Clive Thompson’s website Collision Detection for Solastalgia: My latest column for Wired. Collision Detection. New York, 4 Jan 2008: